Swedish designed sim racing aluminium rigs

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Sim-racing aluminium rigs designed in Sweden

When a car fanatic becomes a mechanical engineer it's only a matter of time before it dawns on you; I can custom design my own toys! As an avid sim-racer with a young family, buying all the latest spec toys was not realistic but still I wanted a racing rig and I wanted it now. My engineering brain went into overdrive and led to restless nights where I designed the rig of my dreams in my sleep (no joke - I am obsessed).

Over time, I custom-designed and built a rig for myself that was affordable and looked pretty boss too! Soon my sim-racing friends started requesting designs and testing them out, then people wanted to start buying rigs of me, Swedish Rig Designs was born. SRD offers sim-racing aluminium rigs, I design the rigs in Sweden and have them produced in Germany and shipped flat pack style to you or I can even help you set up your rig.

If you are looking for a strong, budget-friendly and well designed rig that you can customise to your own needs then let me help. Check out the shop or get in touch.