A blog about Swedish Rig Designs, SRD, journey into business in the simulation racing world.

SRD-Pro SimKart

We could not be more excited to release the first look at the SRD-Pro SimKart. Our new design is a kart inspired aluminium profile rig for karting simulation racing. It will be released #soon and is possibly the first of its kind in the world!

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Swedish Rig Designs 2.0 - Leveling up

SRD was launched on a dime (actually an öre in our case), and every penny has been reinvested in growth. Being able to finally pay a graphic designer to spruce things up is a huge achievement in and of itself.

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SRD's new blog - Just start

Swedish Rig Designs was launched in beta mode, with beta products and hosted entirely on a Facebook business page. In just seven months, we were a registered company and the aluminium profile simulation racing rigs I had designed in my head appeared on national television with my homemade logo everywhere at Sweden’s first national e-sport championship.

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