A blog about Swedish Rig Designs, SRD, journey into business in the simulation racing world.

SRD's new blog - Just start

Hej hej! – as we Swedes say – welcome to SRD’s first blog post. After two years of daydreaming about my product and then whether I should start a company, my wife insisted I listen to a business podcast about how to start making money before being ready to launch a business. It inspired the heck out of me. I realised that I didn’t need any capital, a perfect logo, or a fancy website to get going with my idea – I just needed to get going!

So, in May 2018, Swedish Rig Designs was launched in beta mode, with beta products and hosted entirely on a Facebook business page. In just seven months, we were a registered company and the aluminium profile simulation racing rigs I had designed in my head appeared on national television with my homemade logo everywhere at Sweden’s first national e-sport championship.

From now on all news and insights about developments coming out of SRD will be posted here on this blog and then shared via social channels. For the same reason, I will soon shut down the shop on my Facebook page and focus on SRDs own webshop only.

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