A blog about Swedish Rig Designs, SRD, journey into business in the simulation racing world.

Swedish Rig Designs 2.0 - Leveling up

If you let perfection rule you – nothing gets done! SRD was launched on a dime (actually an öre in our case), and every penny has been reinvested in growth. Being able to finally pay a graphic designer to spruce things up is a huge achievement in and of itself! Let alone hiring the talented Joachim from Pixeldust, an avid sim racing enthusiast that has been a great friend to SRD. No more Paint slap jobs around here!

New logo, colour scheme and sick looking rendered graphics for our products and of course we also took the opportunity to launch this blog. We are stoked with our new look and to level up SRD as it continues to grow rapidly.

The leveling up with our new look is not just for kicks. It is part one of the launch of our new product series. A product that is not aimed at just gamers but off-season professionals. Their needs and feedback on the new designs have pushed SRD to grow and that is reflected in our new look. More on the new series coming soon.

 In the meantime - welcome to Swedish Rig Designs 2.0.