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  • IKEA inspired manuals are emailed when order is shipped.

  • All rigs come with extra T-nuts and screws to attach steering wheel, pedals, seat and extra accessories like handbrake or gearbox.



from 230.00
  • Adjustable wheeldeck

  • Choose between standard, direct drive or both wheel decks

Standard wheel deck supports:

  • Thrustmaster wheels (T500, T300, TC-PS, TS-XW, TX)

  • Logitech G25, G27, G29

  • Fanatec Elite and Clubsport

  • AccuForce V1/V2

Direct Drive wheel deck supports:

  • MiGe 130ST(small and big with mounting bracket)

  • AccuForce V1/V2

  • Bodnar 53 series with mounting bracket

  • Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2

Your wheel not in the list of supported wheels? Contact SRD.

Pedals, steering wheel and seat is not included.

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